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   Important information from NCGA  

The NCGA is pleased to announce a new service in the form of an email handicap report. The report will arrive near the end of each month announcing your upcoming Handicap Index. The report details your scoring record (including two lowest T-scores of the past 12 months) at the moment the magic “button” was pushed to update handicaps, as well as a recent Handicap Index history.

The report also includes current NCGA news. Schedules, instructions, tips, etc., will be included. Come this fall, for example, we will be able to remind you to renew your membership in a timely manner or provide you with instructions on how you can go about transferring your membership to another club.

In order to receive this monthly report you must, of course, register your email address.

The registering of your email addresses will be through the Zoomerang website, which the NCGA uses for collection of information and other surveys.

You have our assurances that the addresses will be the sole property of the NCGA and, similar to your mailing address, will not be shared, released or used for other purposes. We take the protection of your personal information very seriously.           

So sign up, sit back, and enjoy the benefits of this new innovative feature! 

     Register Your Email Address