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Oct 3, 2011 - Fairways Lies By Dong Zhang

posted Jan 27, 2013, 11:22 PM by San Francisco Chinese Golf Club

Over the past weekend, we just concluded our 2 day club annual tournament for 2011 at beautiful Chardonnay Golf Club and Eagle Vines Golf Club in Napa Valley. During those 2 days, our members battled 75 degree weather, endured sunny blue sky, braced for gentle breeze and suffered from views of ripe grapevines and carpeted greens and fairways. If anything, golf is indeed hard work. However, through this hard work, friendships have blossomed; camaraderie has grown and a sense of mutual respect has deepened. For all those who came out over the weekend, it was my pleasure and privilege to share those two days with you.

In the lady’s flight, Stella Chan captured low gross honors by shooting an excellent round 93 on the first day as she rested on the second day. Sandra Lo catapulted to low net victory with a great second day round of 96. Aree Fasudhani and Terri Huang came in 2nd and 3rd low net respectively.

In Men’s B flight, Leo Lee won low gross by playing consistent golf through 2 rounds, beating out Rangsan Fasudhani who had led him by 4 strokes after the first round. When it came to beating up on senior citizens, Leo, You Da Men. While not placing in the top 3 and trailing first day leader by 7 strokes, Suthee Tritasavit captured B flight low net honor by a great 2nd day performance. Walton Chang and Ron Ho round out the 2nd and 3rd low net in B flight.

In Men’s A flight, Dong Zhang ran away with low gross. However, special honor goes to our low net winner, Dr. Phillip Yu. After finishing his round of golf Saturday, Dr. Phil went back to the hospital to work his night shift, and then back to the golf course on Sunday again to finish the tournament. Playing golf during the day and saving lives at night, I wonder if the man wears a red cape during his life saving moments. Well Dr Phil, as long as you don’t babble like the TV Dr Phil, you can be in my foursome anytime.

For Founder’s Cup, this year’s winner is Stella Chan as she participated in every tournament this year and played with consistent excellence throughout. Leo Lee finished second once again while Sandra Lo came in third with her excellent play during the club annual.

Our final tournament of the year is on Saturday, Nov 12, 2011 at Roddy Ranch Golf Club. We will be playing this tournament in a team format. Please reserve the day as announcement will be forthcoming.

May 29, 2009 - Fairways Lies By Molly Pong

posted Jan 27, 2013, 11:21 PM by San Francisco Chinese Golf Club


In a weak moment of naivety and madness, I consented to write our “Fairway Lies” this year. Adrienne Lieu has been the gifted author of the numerous issues we have enjoyed in the past. Shucks, how difficult can this be? Little did I realize the harsh reality of the task…..my mind has become a vacuum, devoid of pertinent, interesting, or stimulating topics. My body constantly searches for any inane reason to avoid the inevitable duty. Alas, I’ve become the supreme procrastinator.

Luckily we have others in our club who are born leaders. Thanks to Dong Zhang, our Tournament Director, the club tournaments have gotten off to a smooth running start. The first was the “Green Ball” event at Palo Alto GC – a fun mixer. We duffers were able to play alongside the super stars. Dan Lo is still regaling everyone about his stellar play, holing out for a birdie on the 9th hole with a wedge. Mabel Wong showed the boys that a good short game can out-score a showy drive any day. The Poppy Ridge tournament was a more challenging event, and brought out the best efforts of our players. Master of all was Meng Chen, Mr. Modest himself. Metropolitan GC drew many members who finally came out of winter hibernation to play. Because of the small women’s field, it became a matter of survival from the heat, and yours truly backed into 3rd place. Dan ran off a string of 3 birdies, but was out played by foxy Dong.

Dong has exhorted us to sign up for tournaments with his timely emails. He has entertained us with his prompt, insightful, entertaining recaps of game results – what a sports reporter! We appreciate an added feature – his update of the fed-ex…oh, excuse me… the Founder’s Cup Points.


Our Invitational is looming just around the corner! Kirby Kwok, our Invitational Tournament Chairman, has been busy gathering his committee chairs together and working out time tables and goals. There seems to be something missing……it’s YOU! Please volunteer yourself or be ready to be recruited. Send in your reservations now. Of course you’re all coming to this big tournament. Publicize the event to all your fellow golfers. We welcome Federation members and non-members alike. Form your team with 3 of your friends and sign up for the Shaw Pang Challenge, a new event on the Friday before the invitational. We need everyone’s participation to make our Invitational a success. We need hole sponsors. Invite your business colleagues to take advantage of the publicity their sponsorship will bring them. Contact Suthee for our sponsor letters.


Phoebe Choy was the women’s senior low net winner. Her foursome won 2nd in her flight in the four player scramble. Other winners in their foursome play were Russell Kwok and Leo Lee – 2nd (foursome 2 best ball), Sarah Fong – 1st (foursome 2 best ball), Linda Kwok – 1st (foursome 2 best ball). Congratulations to them and to all our members who represented the club at the popular tournament.


Dan Lo has the latest gossip about members:

Louis has a new baby girl named Hina, born in January….Ron Gin is dusting off his Ford Cobra for a run. He hasn’t driven it for a while….Due to the dramatic improvement of Ben Mow’s game, Dan is picking him for our team for the Battle of the Bay and Northern California Cup. Diligent work pays off!....

Sammy Yu just came back from Hong Kong. He visited his brother, who has been stationed there for 5 years…..Cathy Cai introduced our club to the Singapore Club of Northern Calif., a social club. Dan took advantage of their club’s 25th Chinese New Year dinner to give a speech publicizing our club. Also present were Leo, Suthee, Francis Cindy, Sandra, and Cathy….Walton Chang is officially retired and will be working on getting golf contracts for 2010.


Mabel Wong is one of the basketball players featured in a new book, “Outside the Paint”, Kathleen S. Yep author. This book documents the “highly accomplished athletes” who played in the San Francisco playground in Chinatown, and “who developed a unique playing style that enabled them, for a time, to leave the confines of their segregated world.” Can you spot Mabel in the ladies team picture?

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