SFCGC Proudly Presents The Founder's Cup

What: To commemorate the long and illustrious history of SFCGC, to honor those who came before us and to encourage participation and competition in our tournament, we have started a season long points race for the Founder's Cup. The winner of the points race will receive the Founder's Cup, a beautiful Waterford crystal and a cash gift of $200. Second place points winner will receive $100 and third place will receive $50.

How: Founder's Cup points are awarded based on competition and participation in our golf tournament. Only one cup is awarded. So Men's flight and Lady's flight are all competing for the same cup. For each event you enter, you will be awarded 3 points. For each event you win within your respective flights, you are awarded 5 points. If you come in second place in your flights, you are awarded 4 points. For team matches, all members of the winning team are awarded 5 points. No individual winning points are awarded for the Green ball and November team tournaments. All points are doubled for club annual since it is a 2 round tournament.

When: Every year's cup points will be awarded based on points from last year's team event tournament through club annual. Each year's November team event will count toward next year's cup.

Dong Hao Zhang



2022 Founder's Cup Points

Founder's Cup